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Super Food | Francis & Thatcher
Super Food – A special blend of Mustards, Wasabi greens, delicate Cabbage Chou, Mizuna, and Broccoli leaves. This blend is incredibly nutrient dense with a varied flavor profile. Each leaf has a different taste. Great in Salads and Stir Fry!

Francis & Thatcher is a sustainable Texas farm that produces a variety of locally grown greens. Buying local has many environmental, social and economic advantages. Our farms are built and farmed to coexist in as very friendly manner as possible with our home planet!


We produce the highest quality greens available without relying on toxic chemical pesticides, genetically modified seeds or farming practices that degrade soil, water or other natural resources.


On less than one acre of greenhouses we grow and harvest greens year round while protecting the environment around us. There is no need for us to clear acres of land while destroying natural habit. We can coexist with nature and provide fresh, natural produce to our customers that are locally grown with minimal impact to our environment.

Food Miles

All of our greens are grown in Texas. We are happy to see farmers in Mexico, California and even Arizona using responsible and sustainable farming methods, but unlike many other produce companies we don’t need to transport our products across the United States to Texas. Our two Texas farms are strategically located in North and South Texas in order to get our greens to our customers’ tables quickly. Our produce is harvested by gloved hands in a protected and controlled growing environment before being shipped within hours, not days. When using Francis & Thatcher greens you get the freshest produce with the least amount of food miles.


Francis & Thatcher uses comprehensive sustainable growing practices to produce high quality produce with incredible freshness. We utilize stringent food safety practices to ensure delivery of the freshest, safest produce possible. Our greens are seeded and grown in temperature controlled greenhouses which ensures freshness and improves safety from external factors such as birds, animals or human field contact. Our production workers wear gloves from the time we seed to when our greens are harvested. When you open one of our packages it will be the first time that the greens have been touched by human hands!

Water Preservation

Our hydroponic farming techniques use up to 90% less water per plant than traditional or organic farms. We recycle as much water as possible.

Living Plants

Francis & Thatcher greens are harvested with roots intact. This can limit the potential degradation of nutrients that can occur after harvest during shipment or delivery. Greens harvested in California or Mexico can seriously degrade depending on the length of time it takes to transport across the country to the distribution center before going on display in the store.

Economic sustainability

Our workers are all American citizens who live in the communities where our farms are located. We pay competitive wages and provide healthcare benefits to our employees.


Francis & Thatcher has a Certification in food safety from Primus Labs. We follow stringent standard operating procedures with regular audits of our food safety processes to ensure our greens are produced in accordance with Primus Lab guidelines.

We are Happy, Healthy and Local!

Francis & Thatcher Farms is part of the Happy Healthy Produce family, a Texas farm that grows nutritiously delicious greens and herbs for local restaurants and consumers. Almost 200,000 plants are growing at any given time in an environmentally controlled facility near Manor, TX.

Francis & Thatcher Farms is available to quality focused wholesalers and retail grocers who want the freshest in farm to table produce. Contact Blake McAlister @
BlakeM@francisandthatcher.com if you would like more information on our products for your catering or wholesale organization.